Helium Pro Black Edition

From £5450.00

Rigid Wheelchair

The ultra-lightweight wheelchair with head-turning style!

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When compromise is not an option, the Helium Pro Black Edition delivers unparalleled performance and head turning style. Perfectly tailored to you, each Black Edition ultra-lightweight wheelchair is measured and custom-built to your exact requirements and stripped of unnecessary adjustments making your Black Edition unique to you - absolutely maximising performance.

Never compromise on performance
Combining a custom fixed welded axle and back with hydroformed frame technology, your Helium (Black Edition) ensures that every drop of energy is transferred into its ultra-lightweight frame, delivering the highest rigidity and most efficient driving performance yet!

Never compromise on weight
Ultra-lightweight T7000 hydroformed aluminium frame technology with fixed welded components (instead of adjustable) and ultra-lightweight custom carbon options means the weight of the Helium Pro (Black Edition) hasn’t been compromised - and neither have you.

Never compromise on style
urn heads with the matt-black frame finish, set off by red custom parts and carbon flashes. The Helium Pro (Black Edition) adds a unique blend of style and attention to detail to an award-winning iconic ultra-lightweight design that's suitable for any occasion.


Seat Width: 32 - 46cm (in 2cm increments)

Seat Depth: 34 - 48cm (in 2cm increments)

Front seat height: 43 - 57cm (in 1cm increments)

Rear seat height: 37 - 50cm (in 1cm increments)

Back height: 25 - 45cm (in 2.5cm increments)

Backrest Angle: Fixed welded

Camber: 0°, 3°, 6° and 9°

Max. User Weight: 100kg

Product Weight: From 6kg (transfer weight from 3.7kg)