Jive F

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Powered Wheelchair

Outdoor high performance for rugged terrain.

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The JIVE F (front-wheel drive) offers a little extra muscle when climbing those kerbs or tackling off-road terrain. With a maximum speed of 10kph, range of up to 40 km (delivered by 4-pole high torque motors) and 9cm ground clearance, outstanding outdoor performance is combined with indoor manoeuvrability when paired with the JIVE Fs lean turning circle of 700 mm. You can also change the seating system, power modules or even drive base when your needs change with its modular concept

Versatile Seating System
The JIVE's seat frame provides simple (and seamless), non-incremental adjustments of the armrest and seat width/depth. It will also accommodate a variety of seating systems that you may need, from the JAY clinical range of cushions and backs, Recaro Seating to even custom seating systems - the back attachments are designed for easy adaptation to your needs

Perfect weight distribution
With its base designed around a central battery location, its heaviest part is positioned directly underneath you, maximising your JIVE F's stability. Its balanced design, combined with centre-of-gravity adjustment also helps increase traction by setting your weight over the drive wheel.

Expand your control system with R-Net
Assign commonly used commands or settings to a single button, control Windows/Android based PC's, tablets or smart phones with Bluetooth connectivity, interact with environmental controls or even customise the way you control your JIVE with speciality controls - with R-Net the possibilities are endless.

Stunning Appearance
From its sleek shroud that conceals all wiring, fixings and control modules to the colour-coded seat trim and 3-spoke wheels - your JIVE F looks amazing from every angle.


Seat Width: 40 - 56 cm

Seat Height: 43 - 48 cm

Seat Depth: 40 - 56 cm

Backrest Height: 57 - 70 cm

Armrest Height: 18 - 28 cm

Overall Width: 64 - 66 cm

Overall Length: 118,5 - 121,5 cm

Frame: -

Speed: 6 and 10 kph

Battery Size: 60 Ah / 72 Ah

Max. Range: Aprox 40 km

Seat Tilt: 0º -+ 30º

Back Recline: -10º -+ 40º

Turning Radius: min. 70 cm

Max. Safe Slope: 11%

Max Kerb Climb: 10 cm

Electronics: -

Min. Wheelchair Weight: 115-187 KG

Max. User Weight: 160 kg

Colours: White, red and blue