Tips when Purchasing a Vehicle Hoist

So, you’ve got your mobility scooter or wheelchair, but what happens when where you need to go necessitates a car journey? How do you get your scooter or chair into the car? The answer is some kind of vehicle hoist.

There are a range of options but how to choose between them? Let’s first look at the different ways you can get your chair or scooter into the car:

1.     A ramp

2.     A hoist that lifts a scooter or chair into the boot

3.     A rooftop hoist to winch the scooter or chair onto the car roof.

In addition you can also look at racks and trailers, but for the purpose of this article, we are going to look at the second option as it is the most versatile and popular solution. In particular we are looking at how you can do all you can to ensure you end up with the best hoist for you.


You may have a wheelchair now, but get a mobility scooter further down the line. You need to make sure the hoist you opt for is smart and versatile. Make sure that your hoist is capable of lifting large weights. The best ones are good for up to 200kg, making them suitable for all kinds of mobility aids.


The best hoists will come with up to literally hundreds of car-specific installation kits, making them compatible with a vast range of cars of all shapes and sizes. This is a very important consideration not least because you may need to switch cars in the near future and wouldn’t want to suddenly find your hoist was redundant. You also need to check that the hoist and chair or scooter actually fit into your car.

Ease of use

The best hoists require very little learning once installed and can be operated at the touch of a button. Watch YouTube or dedicated videos on how the hoist is operated before making your decision. If you have a local shop then get a demonstration.

Ease of transfer

Imagine you need to change cars. You want a hoist that can be removed and fitted to a new car without an awful fuss. There are models on the market that can be removed very easily.

Warranty options

When purchasing any piece of equipment it is wise to check that it has a decent warranty in case of any defect or fault.

Buying a vehicle hoist is very easy and should you follow the recommendations here you should end up with something very simple to use, versatile and effective.

Here at Total Mobility we work with Autochair who have been leading the way in innovating vehicle adaptations since 1983.