Great Ideas for Accessible Bathrooms

When putting together an accessible bathroom there is so much to consider, from available space to specific requirements and all of the subtle in-between elements. Creating a functional, stylish and practical accessible bathroom is a challenge that requires clever use of space and some carefully selected products.

Over the past few years the choice of products for accessible bathrooms as well as the information on how to create them has increased tenfold. One of the best ways to brainstorm ideas is to create a Pinterest board. Pinterest has a brilliant array of ideas that will help set you on your way. You can save your favourite ideas on your own board and gradually whittle them down to your favourites. Let’s take a look at how best to approach the creation of the best accessible bathroom for your needs.

Easy Access Showers

Having a shower can be much easier than a bath for people with mobility issues and thankfully there are all manner of walk-in shower and wet room solutions designed to cater for the accessible market. You can choose low level doors, no doors, and sit-down showers. To cater for wheelchair users there are double door options that increase access space and wet rooms benefiting from level access flooring.

Wall-hung cupboards

This may seem a simple idea, but it can revolutionise the accessible bathroom layout. By choosing wall-hung cupboards you can opt for calming colours that mimic the spa-type environment, in greens and natural wood tones but you can also choose the height at which they are installed to tailor the storage spaces for individual requirements.

Non-slip floor tiles

This could perhaps be filed in the ‘most-overlooked’ section when it comes to accessible bathrooms, but similarly and paradoxically could also be under in the ‘most important’. You could be forgiven for thinking that ‘non-slip’ could be code for ‘ugly’ but thankfully this is far from the truth. There are all manner of beautiful tiles available in anti-slip materials.

All-important grab rails

Grab rails are vital for ensuring a safe accessible bathroom as they not only assist with mobility, but they also provide something to, well, grab should any loss of balance occur. Grab rails are available in a wide range of sizes and styles to ensure they can blend in with your bathroom design. Inside the shower area grab rails can be integrated and there are even soap dishes that also serve as grab bars.

Get the lighting right

There is very little point in having an accessible bathroom, safe from all of the many pitfalls if there is not appropriate lighting installed in order to see where you are going! A bright and well illuminated bathroom also enhances the aesthetic of the room, while offering a boost to the perceived size of the space. Light can also be used in a therapeutic sense and it is worth investigating the range of options for chromotherapy, which can be integrated into baths and may soon be far more prevalent as research suggests it can have wide-reaching therapeutic benefits.

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