National Health Awareness and Campaigns Calendar now live!

The good people of NHS Employers have put together a calendar that highlights all of the important days of health awareness and key campaign days of 2017.

The handy and easy to navigate calendar (click the link to view the calendar) collates a wealth of information and distributes it in order of date to make sure you can easily add key dates to your own calendar and avoid missing out on contributing.

Before long Summer will be here and there are a whole host of key dates arriving as the sun hopefully comes out of hiding that once in your calendar will give you pause for thought and allow you to support some very worthy causes. For instance as June arrives we have Carers Week between the 12th and 18th. This is a week designed to raise awareness for the fantastic and selfless work done by many carers across the nation. There will be plenty of events and you can get involved in social media by following @carersweek.

There are so many key dates and worthy awareness days that to cherry pick here is difficult, but few would argue the importance of World Suicide Prevention Day on 10th September. A vital cause as mental health continues to be stigmatised. Into October (2nd to 6th) we have Back Care Awareness Week, which is such an important issue in western society, with our sedentary lifestyle and predisposition to sit in front of various screens during our working days and into the evening.

Whichever causes touch you, the calendar is a great tool to make sure you can be prepared.