Free 3 Months Insurance!

With every purchase of a scooter, powerchair or manual wheelchair

Total Mobility understand the importance of getting out and about and managing one’s independent activities more than most and a major part of achieving mobility goals involves the use of the appropriate equipment. With the vital role that such mobility aids play in one’s daily life it is obviously important to ensure that your equipment is fully insured just in case it should break down or become damaged in any way. Your piece of mind is obviously of great importance and as a little extra help is always appreciated Total Mobility have decided to offer 3 months free insurance with all purchases of mobility scooters, powerchairs and manual wheelchairs.

A wide range of all of these mobility aids can be found on the Total Mobility website. There you will find a great selection of the best on the market and can make the best decision for you, taking into account a whole range of factors from price, product feature, colour, style and size.

Whichever product or products you decide on, we will help with the burden of insurance by providing three months of excellent, comprehensive cover that will keep you secure in the knowledge that should anything happen your valued product will be covered.

As ever, there are dedicated staff ready and waiting to take your order or answer any questions and give bespoke advice should you need it. You can find all of the information about each of the products on the website or call on 01226 872110 and email with your queries.