Special offer throughout April! – 3 Wheel Rollators for £65

As the sun makes a very welcome appearance and temperatures begin to pick up, there is no better time than to boost your mobility options and Total Mobility thought it would be a good gesture to make a fabulous offer available to all with our excellent 3 Wheel Rollators on offer at £65 throughout the entire month of April!

Everyone values their independence and the freedom of movement that such pieces of mobility equipment affords is priceless. But by the same token we all feel the pinch and at £65 the quality of this equipment makes the offer almost impossible to ignore.

The 3 wheel rollator on offer is finished in a stunning deep blue that will be the envy of the high street and the lightweight aluminium design is easy on the back and makes for very comfortable and easy storage whether in the car boot or folded up beside you on the bus.

There are many ways in which the rollator can transform your mobility whether in the home, indoors walking around the local shopping centre or on walks or on the high street. Getting out and about is very important for both physical and mental wellbeing and the rollator will give you another very user friendly option that is suited to a wide range of occasions.

Head over to Total Mobility or call the friendly staff on 01226 872110 or alternatively email them at info@totalmobilityltd.com to find out more.