Now Available! New Range of Adjustable Beds

Total Mobility are more beyond excited to be able to present a new range of hand crafted electrically adjustable beds that are at the very forefront of modern design and technology and offering a superb synergy of style, design, comfort and performance.

In order to keep our trade within easy reach of quality control as well as support the local economy every one of the beds that Total Mobility offer for sale is handcrafted within Britain, subject to the most rigorous quality control checks and the best workmanship in the world. Each bed is fitted with industry-leading motors from Okin that ensure durability and reliability throughout the long life of your precious bed.

Getting a great night’s sleep is one of life’s most important requirements and feeling comfortable as you sit up and get engrossed in a good book is another important pleasure that is factored into the design of all of the beds. In addition, we all have our own tastes, habits and requirements and as such there are a wealth of options that can be customised with all of the beds in the range from height and length to the position of drawers and headboard styles as well as a very good range of mattresses and weight limit upgrades. In addition, once you have settled on a bed that you like you will find a comprehensive selection of fabrics that will give your bed your own personal touch and help it fit in with your décor.